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Why Everyone Should Try Escape Room Online

Escape Room Benefits

Escape Room Online is a new game that has taken the world by storm. Escape Rooms are interactive puzzles where players have to find their way out of a room. Escape Rooms were originally from Japan, but Escape Room Online brings these virtual escape rooms to your computer screen with no need for any equipment! Escape Room Online is perfect for anyone who likes solving puzzles or wants to experience this amazing new trend in gaming without leaving their home.

There might be a lot of free online escape room games but those are for single players and far from the escape room games online we provide. Furthermore, our online escape games are facilitated by trained professionals so do read on to learn Why Everyone Should Try Escape Room Online.

1. Convenience

Escape Room Online

Playing an Escape Room Online is much more convenient than playing a physical escape room. No more queuing, and disappointing news such as "no more rooms for the day". With just a laptop, a stable wifi connection, and a video conferencing platform, participants can access virtual escape rooms from anywhere in the world. This means that Escape Room Online is extremely suitable for remote teams, as the participants can meet on video conference platforms without moving an inch from their own homes.

2. Variety of Themes

There is an Escape Room Online for everyone since they can be moulded from any theme and any story. From horror to romance, and even movie remakes, Escape Room Online is easily customisable. For an example of the variety available, you may read 17 Best Escape Room Themes In Singapore (2021). If you can't decide on the theme, you can always either ask the organiser for recommendations or simply set up a poll for your employees.

3. Affordability

Having fun doesn't always have to be expensive, at least not here at Virtual Escape Room Singapore. Starting from only $20 per pax, you can easily organise online escape rooms for the whole office. Book a game with us and keep some budget for employee welfare or set up a prize to motivate the participants to win the game.

4. Immersive Experience

Escape Room Online

Forget about your stress from work, school, or your home. Escape Room Online provides a sensation of being transported to another world. Escape rooms feature immersive gameplay that will make you dive into the storyline and ignore your external problems in order for you to progress. Some Escape Room Online even has a plot twist that will surely give you a pleasant surprise!

5. Team Building

Escape Room Online

Escape Room Online is a collaborative and cooperative game. Escape rooms have been used extensively for team building as the players must work together to solve the puzzles in order to escape the room. Through escape the room games, participants will learn to communicate with one another through sharing information on how to solve puzzles to obtain team victory. The escape game online that the employees experienced together will also serve as an ice breaker for colleagues to open up to one another.

6. Pure Fun

All practicality aside, Escape Room Online bring about fun and laughter through social interactions. Even if your team does not manage to solve the puzzles, you will get to know that you're not alone. Not treating the escape rooms too seriously will also allow you to simply enjoy the craftiness of the game designer and have a good time chatting with your team.

Escape Room Online

Escape Room Online brings the physical escape room to your computer screen, perfect for anyone who likes solving puzzles. If you're in need of any online escape rooms, feel free to reach out to our staff for recommendations or take a look at our activities here (at the bottom of the page)!

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