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The Best Team Building Company In Singapore For Escape Rooms

Team Building Company In Singapore

Escape rooms are an increasingly popular form of entertainment for groups of friends, family, and co-workers. Team building Singapore activities such as escape rooms encourage collaboration to solve puzzles together in order to "escape" the room. Escape rooms have become so popular that there is now a few team building companies in Singapore dedicated to creating those experiences! Check out below to find out more about The Best Team Building Company In Singapore For Escape Rooms!

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1) The Fun Empire

Team Building Company In Singapore: The Fun Empire
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is one of the best team building Singapore companies that provides you with an opportunity to experience Singapore’s most popular virtual team building escape games and puzzles! We have organised more than 20,000+ team building events for over 1 million clients.

Team up with your friends, family or colleagues and work together to find clues, solve mysteries and decipher codes in one of the many different rooms available at The Fun Empire. From mind-boggling to heart-racing, The Fun Empire has everything you need for your next team outing.

We provide exhilarating experiences through our large variety of games and concepts that will be a perfect fit. The Fun Empire have the perfect solution for your corporate team bonding event, school program, large-scale event, or birthday party.

The Fun Empire has been featured in over 100 media outlets across television, newspapers, radio, magazines, digital platforms and many others (such as Forbes, The Straits Times, The Business Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 8, Shape Magazine, Her World Magazine, Timeout Singapore, The Smart Local, etc.)


Team Building Company In Singapore: LOST SG

LOST SG is a team building company that provides 60 minute escape room game in Singapore. More than just finding clues, players are challenged to solve puzzles and decipher hints to eventually unlock the door!

It is the Singapore’s leading escape room company for gamers who want to have a team bonding experience that dares them, challenges their mind, and leaves them with a sense of being outwitted not outfoxed. The best part is it features state-of-the-art in games to make your journey more immersive and challenging than ever before.

3) Trapped SG

Team Building Company In Singapore: Trapped SG
Trapped SG

Escape rooms are not like they used to be. In the past, participants had a certain set of challenges for them to work through in order to escape the room. Today's experience is more immersive and interactive as players have different tasks depending on how well they solve clues and puzzles throughout the game or, worse case scenario, there may be an emergency exit available for them to use should they get stuck!

Some say that escape room games in Singapore can be addictive. These virtual team bonding mystery solving games are played online and for those who cannot get enough of them, there is something more Trapped SG can offer you: experience similar mysteries in the offline 5D world for your next team building event! They have brought the virtual game to reality with their cutting-edge technology so your IQ skills will be put to the ultimate test!

4) Xcape Singapore

Team Building Company In Singapore: Xcape Singapore
Xcape Singapore

Xcape Singapore is The First, Largest and Most Popular Reality Room Escape Game in Singapore with Hollywood's touch and feel. They're committed to giving city dwellers a novel way of playing games. Their games are built with sophisticated environments for friends looking for an escape room experience, family get togethers or corporate events.

The game of Real Escape Game is translated from a virtual (online) to reality. In this team bonding game, participants need to solve mysteries and clues within a time limit in order to escape from the room. The unique concept allows for players to feel like they are characters in a video game or movie. When people play books, they can imagine and when people play real escape game, they become the character.

Xcape Singapore has five different games to choose from so you can have an immersive experience with your family, friends or colleagues! From Team Building Activities In Singapore to Corporate Events Singapore, The Real Escape Game is perfect for your next event because of its innovation and liveliness.

5) The Escape Artist

Team Building Company In Singapore: The Escape Artist
The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist believe that only the most memorable team-building activities will serve to keep a team together, productive and happy in the increasingly hectic and stressful workplaces of Singapore. Once or twice old school corporate team-building might work - but in the long run, why not be innovative?

The Escape Artist’s room escape scenarios are the perfect corporate team building activities. They pride themselves in creating professionally crafted scenarios requiring a player to use teamwork and coordination to complete the task.

Not only that, they can also organise large scale room escape scenarios for bigger groups of a hundred or more. Unlike the usual room escape scenarios, a large scale setup pits many different groups against each other at the same time. These teams can use their communication skills and problem solving abilities to bring out the best result possible. It is very interesting and much more fun to watch and play with a larger group.

Team Building Company In Singapore

The Team Building Company in Singapore for Escape Rooms is one of the best options for your team to get together and have a fun, engaging experience. They are able to create custom escape rooms that will suit your needs and they can work with you on pricing as well. If you need help from a Team Building Company In Singapore For Escape Rooms for your next team building event, give them a call today!

If you are looking for virtual team building activities, do check out The Fun Empire. We have many more activities offered besides escape rooms as listed here.

Virtual Escape Room Singapore
Virtual Escape Room Singapore is the leading Online Escape Room company in Singapore and Asia. 

We offer a wide variety of unique virtual escape room themes that are perfect for corporate team building, gatherings, birthday parties, cohesion and more.

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