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A Guide To The Fun Empire's Virtual Escape Room

The Fun Empire

Looking for a fun team-building experience? The Fun Empire has the best escape rooms in Singapore. The Fun Empire is the #1 Team Building Company in Singapore and specialises in creating fun and unique experiences for companies, family and friends. The awesome thing about The Fun Empire's virtual escape rooms is that they can be accessed remotely, meaning you don't actually have to leave your office or home! They have plenty of different escape rooms, each catering to different preferences, and we are here to bring you through them today.

1) Curse of the Werewolf

Virtual Escape Room - The Fun Empire, Curse of the Werewolf

The Fun Empire's Curse of the Werewolf is an escape room game with a mythical concept. The people in a small village were scared. At nightfall, wolves would attack any outsiders and villagers left. Dozens of people had fallen prey to the curse; they feared everything from the dark, attacks, and worst of all - which wolf was out there? As descendants of the village's first leader, it is your duty to overcome this terror by uncovering the wolf attacking tonight and prevent the attack from occurring.

2) Amazing Race: Return of the Queen

Virtual Amazing Race - The Fun Empire

Travel the world and complete puzzles against time, just like in a real Amazing Race. Your team can enjoy some immersive virtual adventures with great challenges and mysteries as you race for the prize money. Book the Amazing Race: Rescue the Queen from The Fun Empire and answer the old man that haunts you in your dreams to lift the curse that has befallen the lives of millions.

3) Time Travel: The Experiment

Time Travel - The Fun Empire

With escape rooms, everything is possible including time travelling! Build cooperation and communication with friends, family or co-workers as you find the answers you have been chasing that transcend eras of time! Try out Time Travel: The Experiment by The Fun Empire to prove your worth in inheriting the time travel machine invented by your eccentric uncle. Time is literally of the essence so book it now!

4) Time's Ticking

The bomb defusal escape room is a fast-paced team building activity that challenges participants to work together and collaborate in order to stop the bomb from going off. The Fun Empire’s Time’s Ticking escape room "traps" the participants in a room with a bomb. Be prepared to put your life on the line as you figure out how to diffuse the bomb in time to capture the terrorist.

5) Ben's Big Heist

Ben's Big Heist - The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire offers Ben's Big Heist, where participants can act out their wildest robbery fantasies. Start the game using only a blueprint that is lightly scribbled with notes. You and your team will have to break into a bank and steal as much gold as possible. Strategize your plan to loot as many safe vaults as you can before the police arrive. Remember that if you get caught, you will lose everything!

6) Jack's Hangover

Jack's Hangover - The Fun Empire

Can’t remember the details of your lunch? Have a feel of what it feels like to not recall anything about how you ended up in your current situation. Try out Jack’s Hangover by The Fun Empire and help the protagonist recover his memories. Last night, Jack woke up with a terrible hangover and a splitting headache and can't seem to recall the events that led him to where he was. Work together with your teammates as you investigate to uncover his whereabouts but don’t forget to make sure his flight gets arranged!

7) Travel Experience: Icons of Singapore

Icons of Singapore - The Fun Empire

Embark on a virtual adventure for your grandmother's last wish, to find the family heirloom. You and your team will get to go on an exciting digital travel experience combining elements of Escape Room, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, 360 Virtual Tours and Trivia Quizzes. Take this opportunity to also learn about Singapore's history as you walk through Singapore and its museums in the escape game online.

8) Virtual Food Quest: Ninja Chef

Virtual Food Quest - The Fun Empire

Looking for a theme close to your foodie heart? This is it! At The Fun Empire, learn about different cuisines from all over the world and get your appetite rolling as you work through delicious puzzles in this online escape room. Be prepared for 10 stages of fun and laughter, going from Japanese to French in one swoop! Become the top master foodie through fun & entertaining online challenges that require teamwork, creativity and communication - all while racing against the clock.

9) Hybrid Amazing Race: Merlion Feast

Hybrid Amazing Race - The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire created the Hybrid Amazing Race, which is an interactive race that includes both physical and digital challenges. Participants will get to explore Singapore's heritage and famous cuisines. Simultaneously, they will get the opportunity to visit popular landmarks like Chinatown. This is one of the best team building games in Singapore that you can play with your friends or colleagues.

The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire's escape room can be the best team building activity for your company. These activities are perfect for any occasion such as birthdays or corporate events where you want an interactive game that will challenge your employees' creativity. With over 2,000 5-star reviews on Google Facebook and more, find out why Google Facebook users are enjoying The Fun Empire's Escape Rooms today!

Virtual Escape Room Singapore
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