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Virtual Escape Room Singapore

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We offer a huge variety of Virtual Escape Room
packages to suit all your events' needs.

Do you want to live a thrilling escape room experience? We offer packages for groups of 2 or more people. Stop wasting time and effort contacting multiple vendors, when The Fun Empire can provide everything in one place!

In Ben's Big Heist, you and your team will need to pull of the biggest bank heist of your lifetime. You and your team have found a blueprint of the bank with some notes written on it. You and your team will need to crack vaults, fill the loot bags and safely escape before the police catches you! Each vault will become harder to crack as you progress - are you ready for the challenge?

Duration: 75 minutes
🌟 Find the gold! 🌟
Virtual Escape Room - Curse Of The Werewolf

In a small ancient village, mysterious werewolves had been lurking in the dark, attacking innocent villagers at nightfall. Many had been fallen and the town was never at peace. People feared everything - from the dark, the attacks and worst of all, the unknown. As descendants of the Village Chief, it is your duty to lift this curse and save your village. Are you up to the task?

Duration: 90 minutes
🐺 Lift the curse! 🐺
Virtual Time Travel - The Experiment

Your eccentric uncle, Dr Huber, has invited you to his mansion to witness the greatest scientific discovery- Time Travel! He has invented a miracle Time Travel Machine and he is intending to pass down the patent for this machine to you. But first, you would need to prove your worth by operating the machine to travel across time and find him. Uncover elements and synthesize compounds to activate the time machine. Time is of the essence - only you can save time... Hurry

Duration: 90 minutes
⏱ Time Travel Now! ⏱
Virtual Amazing Race - Return of The Queen

“Save us Queen..” The haunting whispers echoed in your dreams. For days you had been trying to ignore the frail old man who had hijacked your peaceful slumber, making you break out in cold sweat every night. The curse has followed you through times, and memories of your past life are coming back in bits and pieces. Search the earth for important people, artefacts and clues to lift the curse. Right the wrong and save your kingdom. The lives of many are in your hands.

Duration: 180 minutes
🪦 Save The Queen! 🪦
Virtual Travel Experience - Icons Of Singapore

Your grandmother has spent most of her life trying to solve the family mystery: What happened to her big sister and the family heirloom? It is up to you to help your grandmother find out what happened to your grandaunt and the family heirloom. You know that you need to go to Singapore, but you barely know anything about the country…. You and your team will get to go on an exciting virtual travel experience that combines elements of Escape Room, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, 360 Virtual Tours and Trivia Quizzes.

Duration: 90 minutes
✈️ Travel Virtually! ✈️
Virtual Escape Room - Time's Ticking

Police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It's down to you and your team to become the ultimate detectives and stop this from happening! Work together in this thrilling mission to diffuse the bomb and eliminate the threat! You and your team will need to solve interactive puzzles and exciting clues on our highly interactive and immersive platform. Are you ready for this ultimate online escape room experience? Hurry - time is already ticking...

Duration: 75 minutes
💣 Defuse the bomb! 💣
Virtual Escape Room - Jack's Hangover

Ouch, the headache!

Jack woke up with a terrible hangover and he can't remember what happened last night! Help Jack figure out what happened! In Jack's Hangover, you will have to work together with your team members to solve interactive puzzles and solve challenging clues.Investigate the hotel room and casino, but remember to get Jack to the airport in time for his flight! Hurry, time is running out and Jack is depending on you! What exactly happened last night?

This highly exciting escape room experience is not to be missed out on!

Duration: 75 minutes
🥃 What Happened? 🥃
Legend once said that the Merlion had mythical powers that brought peace and prosperity to those around her.
However, everything changed when an unfortunate lightning strike took her power core away, leaving her powerless and defenceless. She can only regain her power through her favorite food, but no one ever knew what was it. As food hunters in this exciting combination of virtual and physical elements, it is now your duty to explore and uncover what is Merlion’s favorite food and help to restore order. For those who successfully complete this challenging and daunting adventure shall be rewarded.
Duration: 150 minutes
🍲What Food? 🍲

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Virtual Escape Room Singapore
Virtual Escape Room Singapore is the leading Online Escape Room company in Singapore and Asia. 

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