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5 amazing and unique escape rooms to play with your team [2022]

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Do you want to book an escape room with your friends? Here are five escape rooms that will excite and challenge you! These Virtual Escape Room Australia games are ideal for team building and leave you wanting more. From the convenience of your own home, participate in these virtual escape room games!

The Time Trap

The Time Trap - Escape Room
The Time Trap - Escape Room

Dr. Huben, your eccentric uncle, has invited you to his enormous mansion for the incredible scientific discovery of the century - time travel. You were instantly whisked away on a one-way journey with your pals to establish your worth to inherit the time machine before you even knew it. As you discover secrets and gather objects from various eras, hurry! If you don't escape in 75 minutes, you'll be stuck in time forever. Work with your team to make it back in time!

Time's Ticking

Time's Ticking - Escape Room
Time’s Ticking – Escape Room

The city has just been threatened by a caller who said he or she would blow it up. It's up to you and your crew to become the greatest detectives and prevent this from happening! In this thrilling operation, you'll need to defuse the bomb and eliminate the hazard as a team. On our highly interactive and immersive platform, you'll have to solve puzzles and engage in clues with your group to achieve all mission goals and save the city! But you have to hurry, because this is a race against time!

Super Planet

Super Planet - Escape Room
Super Planet – Escape Room

Nobody knows what Earth was like before it was destroyed. Humans have dispersed throughout the universe, and this is all you've ever known. One night, she appeared in your dream and revealed your concealed superpowers to you. Locate other supernatural beings like you and utilise your skills to discover how to restore Earth! Work with your team to uncover the secrets and help save this Earth!

Curse of The Werewolf

Curse of The Werewolf - Escape Room
Curse of The Werewolf – Escape Room

In a small old town, werewolves had been lurking in the shadows and murdering innocent people at twilight. Many individuals had been slain and the village was never peaceful again. People were afraid of everything, from the dark to attacks and even more so, the unknown. It is your duty as a Village Chief's descendant to end this curse and protect your village.

Return of the Queen

Return of the Queen - Escape Room
Return of the Queen – Escape Room

“Save us Queen....” The faint voices echoed in your dreams for days. For days, you'd tried to ignore the frail old man who had taken up residence in your peaceful slumber, forcing you to break out in cold sweats every night. The curse has dogged your footsteps through time and across different eras of your life. Work together with your team to help lift the curse and save your kingdom.

Virtual Escape Room Australia

With a variety of rooms to choose from, you're sure to find one that challenges and entertains you. These rooms are perfect for team bonding and will leave you wanting more. Join and play these Virtual Escape Room Australia games from the comfort of your home! Click here to book your escape room today!

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